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Installation " Under the water"

Kamel Mennour, Paris
10/Dec. 2011 〜 25/Jan. 2012

The  Installation was fixed the broken furniture on this structure .
This set up at 2,5 m high inside , outside of the Gallery.
People walk under the broken furniture .
It looks like a floating ,,.

"Workshop at Hochshule Luzern, Swiss"

Hochshule Luzern

Architecture school in Luzern invited for the Lecture and one day workshop .


"Workshop Camargue (2) (LES SENTIERS DE L'EAU - WATER PATH 2)"

Marseille-Provence 2013. Fundation France.  Parc de Camargue. Musee de Camargue.
13/Nov.〜19/Nov. 2011

It was 2nd time of the workshop at Camargue.
This time , we planed the public structure near Museum Camargue.
This will be happen at September  or October .2012.


"Workshop at Bergloon, Belgium."

Z33- huis voor actuele kunst, Hasselt. Belgium
From 12/Sep. 〜24/Sep.  2011 

2 weeks workshop at the town of Borgloon in Belgium with 20 art and architecture students.
Study , planning and construction at site .


"Workshop Camargue ( 1 ) "

The project "Camargue" was start.
It will be 3 years continue to work at 6 specific site in Camargue
from 2011to 2013. This time was happen only workshop with students.
In this autumn , it will be start to construct the structure at site .

"Cergy Pontoise  Art commission work"

Wood tower construction . It was Art commission competition
in the city of Cergy Pontoise at 2007.
I got it but it was long time wait for the realization.
Finally this year was completed.

"Public Art Program of Rivers de Saone, Lyon"

"Lyon la saone" 2011〜2013
6 site specific art works will set up beside the river Les Saone
in Lyon from 2011 to 2013.
Under preparation .

"Paris Commission work at Champs sur Marne"

It will start the construction from 2012.


"HOKKAIDO IN PROGRESS", Mikasa project "

Art project will start at local school in the city of Mikasa, Hokkaido.
For this project will be long term schedule.



"Cite National de l'histoire de l'immigration" Plan

project for the Cite National de l'histoire de l'immigration, Paris

"Chaumont sur Loire Project"

Chateau de Chaumont
08 April 2011- 10 November 2011

Demaine de Chaumont sur Loire (Multi-language)

"Tokyo in Progress"

From March 2010 -

Tower Construction project alongside the Sumida River.
with making some work places to think about and see the City of Tokyo.

 Project 01: Dialogue about Tokyo 01
 2-5 March 2010 3331 Arts Chiyoda
 Talk session program about Tokyo with reserchers and artist, architect.
 Guest: Ryuta Imafuku, Shunya Yoshimi, Akira Takayama, Eiji Hato, Eishi Katsura, Kengo Kuma,

 Project 02: Workshop
 From November 2010-

 Project 03: Tower Construction
 From 15 January - March 20 2011

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