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"Expand BankART"
09 Nov. 2012 - 13 Jan. 2013
BankART studio NYK, Yokohama

The inside space and outside building installation
at BankART NYK in Yokohama.
There use to be a Warehouse and renovate for the art space.

"Tokyo in progress 2012 [Toyosu Dome]"
27 Oct. 2012- 04 Nov. 2013
Koto-ku, Toyosu, Harumibashi Park,Tokyo

This is final structure for the Tokyo in progress project since 2010.
The materials are scrap woods from Tokyo.
People can go inside of this Dome and to see the view
of the Tokyo riverside.


"Chairs for Abu Dhabi"
06 Nov. 2012- Jan. 2013
Manart Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The structure made by 1000 chairs at Abu Dhabi art fair.
It was many different chairs and to construct with 20 peoples at the site.

"Corner Structure" Commission work in Bonn
September 2012
Federal Government building in Bonn

It was 1 % public art project competition in 2010.
Finally, I built up at the site of inside building.


"Exchange Library"
18 – 21 Oct. 2012

This project are part of the Fiac exhibition .
People can free exchange the book from inside of this cabin .

"Box construction, Daegu"

14 Aug.〜 04 Nov. 2012
Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

The city of Daegu , here is many apple trees.
The installation made by wood boxes of apple.
It was 9000 boxes use inside and outside Museum.


"Nakahara Yusuke Cosmology"
Tokamachi, Echigo Tsumari Art Triennal 2012
29 Jul. 〜 14 Sep. 2012
Center for Interlocal Art Network Matsudai, Shimizu, Niigata

Art critic Mr. Nakahara, he passed away in 2011.
His 20,000 Books keep to CIAN.
This is installation for to use these books.


"Hokkaido in Progress 2012"
Mikasa project
08Jul. 2012〜
Former misono elementaly school, Mikasa, Hokkaidou

"Giorama of coal mine town"



20 Mar 2012 〜 04 Nov. 2013

This project continue from 2010 to 2013.
This year we built "Wood Terrace" at the small park under the high buildings in Tokyo.
The location is just beside Sumida river. People go up about 5m high terrace and to see the view of the river and the environment in this area of Tokyo.


"Box construction"

Gallery 604  Busan, Korea.  
17 Mar. 〜 05 May 2012

The installation work at Gallery in Busan, Korea .
I found the material “ wood fish box” at the harbor in Busan.
About 3000 boxes to use for the installation inside the gallery.



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"Camargue project"
Mar. 2013 -
Museum Camargue

I will build up the structure at outside museum space
in Camargue. Work with students of art and architecture.

"Collective Folie" Parc La Villette
17 Apr. 2013– 25 Aug. 2013
Parc la Villette, Paris

It will be build up the 25 m tower at La villette park
together with many people.


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