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"Au fil de la SAONE" Lyon
Saone River side, Lyon
Public open:06 Jul. 2013-

6 site specific works to build near rivrer Sone in Lyon.
It will be permanent structures.

"Tokyo in Progress Closing Event"
Harumibashi Tokyo Metropolitan Park Toyosu Dome
28 Oct 2013

Final event for the Tokyo in progress project.
Dance and Music, Talks events were held on the project site.
After the event, Toyosu Dome and Tuskuda Terrace were removed.
Shioiri Tower still remains by the voice of local people.


"Hokkaido in progress [ Mikasa project 2013 ]"

Since last year, the big scale of the diorama construct
The coal mine city diorama work was almost complete now.


"Territori instabili ( Unstable Territory )"
CCC Strozzina, Palazzo Strozzi
11 Oct. 2013 - 19 Jan. 2014

Group show in Frenze, Italy
2 tree huts fixed at inside , outside building of Palazzo Strozzi.


"Tree hut in the Place Vendome"
Part of the event of the Fiac 2013, Paris.

The site is very much popular and prestige of the historical monument.
One hut construct at main post and 4 other huts on the roof of the surrounding buildings.


"Private garden in zurich"
Construction : October 2013.
Permanent private Collection in Zurich.

"Toronto Nuit Blanche 2013 "
05 Oct. 2013
Toronto city.

About 800 used chairs to construct in front of the church.
It is out door site specific project.

"SITE- Place of Memories, Spaces with Potential "
Hiroshima city Museum of Contemporary Art
20 Jul. - 14 Oct. 2013

The project ( prefabrication in Hiroshima ) document show.
It was 100 prefabricated garden sheds was set up in the city Hiroshima.
This time , just 10 sheds was built at inside ,outside of the museum.
It is the document installation.

"Collectie Folie"
Parc la Villette, Paris
17 Apr. - 25 Aug. 2013

A lot of the people participate to construct the 21m tower at "Parc la Villette".
The participants can make any kind of the structure and fix this tower.
To build up and fixed and then take it down all at the end of the schedule.


"Favela Cafe"
Basel Art Fair, Basel
11 - 18 Jun. 2013

To make a Cafe terrce in front of the Messe Hall
at time of the Basel Art Fair.


Project Les Sentiers de l'eau en Camargue.
Musee de la Camargue,
opening : 1st Mar.
Permanent installation.

This installation set up at entrance of Museum Camargue.
And to stay for permanent.
The idea and plan made up with students who participate the workshop at last years.

Marseille-Provence 2013 Kawamata Project


Grand Montlong, Arles.
April 2013

Permanent installation

After the " HORIZON " construct, we start quick plan and construction works at
one of the site ( Grand Montlong ).

"Camargue boat tour "
workshop : 11 Jul. 〜 14 Jul. 2013
site : Arles

To build new boat and then to make a tour by river Rhone.


"Scheiterturm / Log Tower"
Kunstmuseum Thurgau
opening : 24 Mar. 2013

It is about 2000 log woods just piled up until 9m high.
Looks like a chimney made by log wood.
This Installation set up at the entrance of the museum
until 3 years.



Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul
14 September 〜 10 November, 2013

This project was cancelled by the 2013 protests in Turky.
The plan drawings were only exhibit in the bienial venue.

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