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"Tront Lamp Posts", Commission Work

Waterfront Tront, Tront, Canada
Permanent Work

The Award of the West Don Lands Public Art Competition organized by Waterfront Tront.
Installation is setteled in front street landmark.


Solo exhibition gallery 604

Gallery 604, Busan, Korea
27 September-22 November 2014

Solo exhibition at Gallery 604 in Busan.


Kunisaki Art Festival 2014, Kibe Project
"La Chaire"

kunisaki Art Festival 2014, Kunisaki City, Oita, Japan
4 October-30 November 2014

In the 16th Century, many christians once lived in Kibe Area.
The new wooden road installation was built up to connect the present situation
with the local past story about a first Japanese priest, Petro Kasui Kibe, who had come back from Rome.


"Tokyo in Progress Document"
Misa Shin Gallery, Tokyo
26 June- 27 September. 2014

Exhibtion with project Documents about "Tokyo in Progress"(2010-2013).



Hokkaido in Progress "Mikasa Project 2014"
Former Misono elementary school, Mikasa City, Hokkaido
10-14. July 2014

This is a georama installation for the landscape Coalmine city after the thaw (daytime).
Inside: Light up installation coalmine city (nighttime) made by Japanese artist group "Coalmine Lab".


"Project Konstruktionen"
( Log Tower Document and others )

Kunstmuseum Thurgau
ittingener Museum, Kartause Ittingen, Switzerland
13 April -19 October 2014



Artistic concept and Design
MAK- Österreichisches Museum fur Angewandte Kunst
Permanent Installation

Kawamata Arrangement -Lecture at MAK

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