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"Tree hut in Champ sur Marone"

Public Commission work at Champ sur Marone, France
The tree hut are setting at inside , outside the new school building.
It is permanent work.


"Public commission work at Hospital Knokke"

Public commission at Hospital Knokke,Belgium.
I got the commission work from one of the Hospital in Knokke, Belgium.
12 local street ramps will joint together.
It will be permanent pieces at there.


"The Shower"

The Made in Cloister, Naples.14.05− 05.08.2017

The site are former Cloister in Naples.
I made installation at inside Cloister to use about 4000 cassettes .


"Hokkaido in progress - IWAMIZAWA Project start !"

Organize by Mikasa friends.
The Site is formar Horse race in Iwamizawa.
We try to construct the mountain made out by log woods
and to continue until 25 years.


"Chair, share Project"

OpenART, Orbero, Sweden.
The neighborhood of Orebro will bring the chair and joint by themselves.


"Private commission Work, Swiss"

Private commission at samedan ,Swiss.
New staircase was constructed at inside house.


“Terrace in a bush “

In participation of Art Festival near Japan Alps area.
I made terrace and walk way in side bush.
It will be the permanent pieces.


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