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Kawamata Bruecke(Bridge)

Renovation project in the city of Wuster, Swizerland, July 2022. It passed over 10 years after the the project "Drift strucutre"(2010). The installation was known as landmark among the local people. The city counsil approved of the renovation plan. 

Nest in Helsinki

Amos Rex, Lasipalatsi place
2022 May-Sep

Public project initiated by the Amos Rex Museum Helsinki. Spreading the nest works in the Lasipalatsi place.

Nest in Milan

2022 Mar.-May various sites in the city of Milan.
Installation projects planned by the milan based art space "Building". Expanded the nest works at the facade of Gallery building and varous places in the city.

Tree hut in Motpellier

Tree hut project by Art space "Fondation GGL".

Snow Fence

Installation work at the former elementaly school in the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2022.

Ishinomaki Tower

Re:born Art Festival 2022
Temporary installation
Building a tower to light the sea and the city of Ishinomaki.
The light of tower is turning on during the exhibition periode. The image of extension to the sky shows the wish to the seascape. The tower will be constructed over few years.

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