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"Belvedere de l’hermitage"


Permanent commission work from the city of Nantes.
Set up at 07 / 2019.

"Temporary Nest in the city of Nantes "


The city order the temporary nest around the city.
11 Nests set up many different site at the city .

"Poitiers project"

08 / 2019 set up
"Traversées", one of the group show at the city of Poitiers.


"Permanent commission work at Tremblay"

22 Tree huts and Nests at the park in front of the city hall of Tremblay.
Permanent installation.
Order form the city of Tremblay (renewal park commission)
Site ; Tremblay en France

"Installation at Restaurant au Pavillon Ledoyen"

"Le Pavillon LEDOYEN, Paris" organized by chef Yannick Alleno, has opend a New Sushi-counter L'ABYSSE ( Shin Kai 深海.) in 2018.
The installations with 80,000 chopsticks were made inside/outside of the restaurant.


"Shiseido windows installation"

Shiseido the Store
Temporary installation

Exhibition from 15/01 - 17/03.2020
To use 10,000 Japanese Chopstickes


"Japan House Sao Paulo"

From 03/02 - 12/04/2020, Exhibition (Construction) at Japan House SaoPaulo.
180,000 Chopsticks to use for the installation and Document of the project photos.

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