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"The Huts in Atlanta"

The ware HOUSE
The Wieland Collection ,Atlanta

To bullt up 2 huts inside big where house in the collection space.
One is looks like a inspection tower on the wall.
This will be permanent collection.


"Sydney Big Nest and Chemny"

Organise by City of sydney, Australia.
The art commission work in the new area of the City of Sydney.
This will be permanent work. Install at late 2017.


"Tree hut in Brussel"

Private collection, Brussel, Antwerpen,
Private collector order the site specific tree huts in the Garden.
It will be permanent collection.



Organise by Mikasa Friends
From 2017, we will start the new project at the city in Iwamizawa.
It is looks like a big wooden mountain made by log woods.
About 20 years long time project.


"The Tower of Scaffold"

Culture City of East Asia 2016 NARA.
03.09 - 23.10. 2016
Nara Daianji Temple

It was long time a go, the tower was existed in this temple.
This time, I built up this kind of tower construction (scaffolding) made by 1000 local log woods.

Reinstallation MAK Permanent Collection "Asia: China-Japan-Korea."

Open at 10th of May , 2016
MAK Asia Permanent collection

MAK Permanent collection change.
I was arrangement the collection 2 years ago in the Asia collection at MAK.
Now I will reinstallation again.
It will be something different layout than last time.


“Under the water “ Pompidou Metz.

11 Feb - 15 August 2016
It is big installation one of the space in Pompidou Metz.


“Hermitage Belvedere “

Nantes permanent work plan
This is art commission work at the city in Nantes.
It will be realize the end of 2017.


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